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1m ago

How many of these 7 world famous coc

Kalyan karmakar
Senior Writer
How many of these 7 world famous coc

Club-hopping at midnight, a fancy weekend kitty party and the queen of England have one thing in common- Cocktails. Cocktails are the brainchild of mixology. Over the decades these beverages have seen twists and turns. While some have had their 15 minutes of fame, Liveinstyle brings you the 7 cocktails that have stood the test of time proving to be all time favorites over generations!


1. Mojito

Sprucing with minty flavours, Mojitos are a Cuban creation consisting of 5 major ingredients- mint, lime juice, sugar, soda water and rum. Mojitos have been popular because of their light on alcohol volume in comparison to the other Cocktails. Mojitos variants are much loved and are seen in menus of popular restaurants and pubs.



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