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3-Ingredient toppings to spruce

3-Ingredient toppings to spruce

For everyone who thought your morning piece of toast was a real piece of work, think again. With a little creativity and only three ingredients you can whip up a delicious brekkie in no time.  Here are some quick 3-ingredients recipes for your toast toppings. 

Let’s get toasting!

Greek Toast
Tomato and feta are staples of a Greek salad. Give this a spin-off with some guacamole to make this fresh topping for your toast. Scoop out some store-bought or freshly-made guac, spread it on toast, then layer it with tomato slices and some feta cheese. That’s it! Bite into this healthy morning treat. 
3-Ingredient Toppings To Spruce Up Your Slice Of Toast

Nutty Toast
Guacamole is great but so are avocados on their own. Slice some pieces on toast with blue cheese and walnuts and you have a delicious brekkie in no time. While the avocados and blue cheese make for a smooth bite, the walnuts just add the right amount of crunch to the mix. Bon Appétit!  



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